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Why do we need a Photo storage app?

In the era of smartphones, we started taking more and more pictures but the problem is our phone’s storage is not enough to store all the photos

That is where we started looking for alternatives to store many photos and then many apps offered help…

Security — — -Data Collected — — — -Feature Comparison

It’s no secret that WhatsApp is catching some major flak for the new changes to its privacy policy. You have just a few months to agree to the new terms that would share more of your data with parent company…

I remembered our situation before WhatsApp. It was all text messages with a limit of 100 SMS/ day and 1 rupee/SMS . Now it is free of cost in mobile packs but we are not using it, as we are comfortable with WhatsApp.Free …

The features which made Instagram stand out of the crowd .

From sharing our photos and video, along with it various pictures which includes sport, fashion, home architecture, fitness videos, travel photos, food review, celebrity pictures, etc., Instagram is like a whole world which keeps our attention to it. It…

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